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Past Exhibition list

Joseon in Kyujanggak Materials
Date: December 20, 2012 - October 15, 2013

Location: Kyujanggak Exhibition Hall

Part 1 King Jeongjo and Kyujanggak
Examines the materials related to the life of King Jeongjo, the founder of Kyujanggak, and the operation of Kyujanggak

Part 2 The State and the Royal Court

Exhibits numerous records illustrating the reality of state systems and administrative works

Part 3 The Elite (yangban) and the Common People
Examines the life of the different classes of the Joseon Dynasty, commonly classified as “scholars, farmers, artisans, and tradesmen,” through the content of Kyujanggak materials

Part 4 Old Maps and Local Society
Old maps in Kyujanggak hold significant artistic value and an abundance of information and are important materials for examining the development of maps in the Joseon Dynasty.

Part 5 Writing and Language in Daily Life
Kyujanggak has a vast collection of Hangeul-related materials that are used as primary materials in Korean linguistic studies.

Part 6 Culture and Arts, Science and Technology
Kyujanggak also has a collection of literary works, such as hyangga, gasa literature, and classical novels, as well as paintings and calligraphy that highlight the spiritual, cultural, and artistic worlds of Korean forebears.