Closing for School Anniversary day (Oct. 15)

Kyujanggak will be closed at School Anniversary Day.- Date : 2009. 10. 15. (Thu.) We're sorry for your inconvenience.

International Center for Korean Studies Open House

On the occasion of the establishment of the International Center for Korean Studies at Seoul National University, we invite you to an open house at our center. Please come celebrate with us and enjoy a reception with fellow members of the Korean studies community. Date: Wednesday December 12, 2007. 4 pm.Place: Kyujanggak Institute, 4th floor.* Champagne and refreshments served

Kyujanggak's latest souvenir

The Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies presents our brand-new souvenir. Four kinds of plates with illustrations from the Kyujanggak Collections are available in two sizes. All souvenirs can be purchased at the Exhibition Hall(B1) of Kyujanggak. (880-6030) 1. 17 x 17cm, Seonyurak, Wonhang Eulmyo Jeongri Uigwe 2. 14 x 14cm, Cheoyongmu, Wonhang Eulmyo Jeongri Uigwe 3. 17 x 17cm, Junwha, Wonhang Eulmyo Jeongri Uigwe 4. 14 x 14cm, Baekho, Jeongjo Geonreung Sanreung Dogam Uigwe

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