Kyujanggak's latest souvenir

The Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies presents our brand-new souvenir. Four kinds of plates with illustrations from the Kyujanggak Collections are available in two sizes.
All souvenirs can be purchased at the Exhibition Hall(B1) of Kyujanggak. (880-6030)

1. 17 x 17cm, Seonyurak, Wonhang Eulmyo Jeongri Uigwe
2. 14 x 14cm, Cheoyongmu, Wonhang Eulmyo Jeongri Uigwe
3. 17 x 17cm, Junwha, Wonhang Eulmyo Jeongri Uigwe
4. 14 x 14cm, Baekho, Jeongjo Geonreung Sanreung Dogam Uigwe

(writer : admin, date : September 5, 2007)  
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