the 25th "Crossing the Boundaries: New Directions in the Study of Korea"

Date: July 5, 2007   
Place: Conference Room(209), Kyujanggak

Joy S. Kim (Assistant Professor, Department of East Asian Studies, Princeton University)
In the past few decades, the field of Korean Studies has steadily grown in its breadth and depth both in Korea and abroad. Though the number of Korea specialists is increasing, the field itself remains relegated as that of “Area Studies” without clear disciplinary affiliation. What is the future of this field? This paper explores the need for a critical examination of the future directions for the Korean Studies. A brief examination of late Chosŏn social history – namely the issue of social status/position and distinction – will be the point of departure in suggesting the possible new directions for the field that crosses disciplinary, national, and temporal boundaries. 
 ※ a Light meal will be provided.
 ※ Inquiry: Division of Research and Planning, Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies (82.2.880.5505)

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