13. Ahn Changho and the Origins of Korean Democracy
Kyujanggak Korean Studies Colloquium
Thursday October 25, 2007, 4-6 pm

Title: Ahn Changho and the Origins of Korean Democracy
Speaker: Jacqueline Pak (Professor of Modern Korean History, Kyunghee University)
Location: Kyujanggak Seminar Room 209, Kyujanggak Institute for Korean
Studies (Bldg 103), Seoul National University

Description: One of the most spirited debates in the field of Korean Studies has been over how to interpret Ahn Changho (1878-1938) and the Korean nationalist movement; Professor Jacqueline Pak offers a unique perspective on the controversial historiography surrounding Ahn Changho. The presentation incorporates visual materials and will use both Korean and English. Professor Pak's latest book is Sunshine and Shadow: North Korea and South Korea and her forthcoming biography The Founding Father: Ahn Changho and the Origins of Korean Democracy is groundbreaking in its utilization of the private papers of Ahn Changho and Dr. Seo Jaepil (Philip Jaisohn).
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