35. Compressed Modernity in Perspective: South Korean Instances and Beyond

You are cordially invited to the 35th Kyujanggak colloquium. Our speaker is Prof. Kyungsup Jang (Seoul National University), and the topic of his presentation is "Compressed Modernity in Perspective: South Korean Instances and Beyond"

Date: Thursday 24 Sep. 2009, 16:00-18:00
Venue: Conference room 112, Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies

In a rapidly increasing body of international research on South Korea (and East Asia), the concept of compressed modernity has been adopted as a core theoretical tool for framing research questions and organizing empirical findings. In this paper, I intend to present a formal configuration of compressed modernity and compare its theoretical logic with some of the major theoretical perspectives on modernity (and postmodernity) in international scholarship. I also delineate various levels/units of practical manifestation of compressed modernity. Then, South Korean experiences are brought in to explicate various dimensions of compressed modernity and to explore various historical and structural conditions for its emergence. Finally, I discuss the historical and international relevance of compressed modernity beyond the South Korean context.

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