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Science and Ideology of Late Joseon: Study of Science, Ideology, and Culture of Late Josen Dynasty

Person in Charge: Jung-Yang Moon1. The Philosophic Foundation of the Birth of Natural Science in Late Joseon DynastyDate: December 1, 2006 Place: Conference Room(209), KyujanggakHo Kim2. Understanding Western Science of Choi, Han-giDate: March 9, 2007 Place: Conference Room(209), KyujanggakYong-Hun Cheon 3. Understanding and Re-Writing Science amongst History of East AsiaDate: April 6, 2007 Place: Conference Room(209), KyujanggakMun-Gyu Lee4. Searching for the Original Forms of Counties in Joseon DynastyDate: May 4, 2007Place: Conference Room(209), KyujanggakKi-bong Lee5. Study of Aspects of Transfigurations in Nakron Related Academic SocietiesDate: June 8, 2007Place: Conference Room(209), KyujanggakSeong-San Cho

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