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3rd Colloquium - Animals and Veterinary Medicine in Korean History and Culture
Title: Korean Animal Folklore

Presenter: Dr. Cheon Jin-gi (Head of the Folklore Research Division, National Folk Museum of Korea)

Date: May 14th, 2009 2:00 pm

Place: Seoul National University College of Veterinary Medicine Bldg #85 Scofield Hall

Sponsored by : SNU Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies, Research Institute for Veterinary Science

Host : Conservation Genome Research Bank for Korean Wildlife


Animals can have different symbolism at different times and places. From prehistoric times humans used animal symbolism to express their culture, religion and thoughts. Animal images can be found on rocks and cave walls as well as on the surface of potteries. These reflect the life and belief system of the ancient people.

Previous works on animal folklore took largely three approaches: diachronic/synchronic approach, folk model/scientific model, and understanding the spatial system through the animals. Animal folklore researchers need to pay more attention on the characteristic details of archaeological finds. Various animals in Korean culture convey abundant cultural information as a symbolic system. Animal symbolism are the key to understand the hidden aspects of culture.

For further details contact jdchun@snu.ac.kr

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