Publication of the Holdings (Reprints)

-Publication of the Holdings

Photographic reproductions of certain works, including the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty, found in the Kyujanggak collections, began during the Japanese colonial period. The Annals were reproduced again in the late 1950s to early 1960s by the National History Compilation Committee. A number of books of special interests were selected and published by the Seoul National University Library or other institutes in the 1960s to 1970s. Beginning the early 1980s, the Kyujanggak has published a series of large collections as follows.

Ilseongnok 日省錄 (The Record of Daily Reflections), 1982-1996, 86 volumes.
For this work, see under "The National Treasures and The Treasures" above. From 1967 to 1974, the Seoul National University Classics Publication Committee published in forty-six volumes a photographic reproduction of this work covering the period from early years of King Cheoljong's reign and to the reign of King Gojong, encompassing roughly the second half of the 19th century. In 1982, the Division of Kyujanggak Collections in the Seoul National University Library began another initiative to publish the full text of this work and by 1991, twenty-eight volumes had been published. After the Kyujanggak became an independent institution in 1992, it continued the project and by 1996, eighty-six volumes had been published after almost fifteen years.

Gomunseo 古文書 (Old Documents), 1986-, 19 volumes. In 1978, a project to publish the old documents preserved in the Kyujanggak was initiated. Publication of old documents involves such steps as, treating for handling and preserving the centuries old papers, classifying, and often, transcribing the contents written in the grass style (Choseo 草書) into the formal style (haeseo 楷書) of Chinese writing. In 1986, the first volume, containing royal documents of various kinds, was published. From 1987 until 1997, the documents issued by government offices had been published in fourteen volumes (Volumes 2-15). From 1998 until 1999, private documents were published in four volumes (Volumes 16-19). For details, see "List of Publications" below.

Kyujanggak Jaryo Chongseo, Keumho Series 奎章閣資料叢書 錦湖시리즈
(Keumho Series of Kyujanggak Collections), 1991-
Upon receiving financial support from the Keumho Group, the Keumho Series project was initiated. The Keumho Series consisted of several sub-series of collections or reprints of the old collections: collections of laws and orders at the end of the Joseon dynasty, reprints of the collections of documents of the Department of Royal Household at the end of the dynasty, reprints of the collections of documents of the State Council at the end of the dynasty, reprints of the collections of documents related with relations with Japan, reprints of manuals of national events, and collections of legal documents at the end of the dynasty. From 1991 until 1999, a total of seventy-seven volumes was published in these series. For details, see "List of Publications" below.

Kyujanggak Jaryo Chongseo 奎章閣資料叢書 (Kyujanggak Collection Series), 1991-.
Beginning in 1994, the Kyujanggak began publishing works of special interest selected from among its holdings. Under this plan was published the manual of construction of Hwaseong wall-city, the manual of offering services at the royal shrine, the collection of royal and official seals, legal codes, cultural geography, local gazetteers, literature, and so on. For details of the published works in this series see "List of Publications" below.

-Publication of Old Maps

Haedong jido 海東地圖 (Atlas of Korea), 1995, 3 volumes.
In 1994 the Kyujanggak initiated a project to reproduce some of the old maps, with a grant received from the Samsung Fine Art Cultural Foundation. As a result of the project, this collection was published in 1995. The first two volumes feature photo-reproductions of the old map-collection of the 18th century. The third volume includes an introduction to the maps and an index. The original Haedong jido consisting of some 400 sheets of colored maps bound in eight books was published in 1750. It is considered one of the masterpieces of maps produced in the late Joseon period.

Gojong dae gunhyeon jido 高宗代郡縣地圖 (Prefectural Maps of the King Gojong Era), 1994-1995.
Of the 458 colored prefectural maps produced in 1872, sixty-four were reproduced and published in 1994 and fifty in 1995. These colored and copiously annotated maps are considered valuable resources for researching the conditions and military infrastructure of the provinces during the late Joseon dynasty.

Joseon Hugi Jibang Jido 朝鮮後期地方地圖 (Provincial Maps of the Late Joseon Period), 1996-.
Beginning in 1996 the Kyujanggak began reproducing and publishing the prefectural maps made during King Gojong's reign in 1872. In 1996 eighty-four maps of the Jeollado province were published, in 1997 forty maps of the Gyeonggido province, and in 1998 fifty-four maps of the ChungCheongdo province, in 1999 one hundred ten maps of the Gyeongsangdo provinces.

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