Other Publications

Boin busin chongsu 寶印符信總數 (Complete Register of Royal Seals and Credentials), 1994, 1 volume.
Illustrations of the royal seals and official credentials used during the reign of Emperor Gojong, compiled ca. 1900-1907.
Hogu chongsu 戶口總數 (Complete Register of Households), 1996, 1 volume.
Records of national census taken by prefectures in late 18th century.
Mudang naeryeok 巫黨來歷 (The Origins of Female Shamans), 1996, 1 volume.
A work describing and illustrating the large-scale exorcisms performed by female shamans in Seoul in the 19th century.
Gongmun pyeonan yoyak 公文編案 要約 1-2 (Collection of Official Letters Summarized), 1999, 2 volumes.

Collection of the official letters, in summary, exchanged between the Ministry of Finance and other offices in the central as well as local governments from 1894 until 1901, arranged by dates.
Naejangwon gakdo gakgun sojang yoyak 內藏院各道各郡訴狀 要約 1-3 (Appeals of Provinces and Prefectures, Filed against the Office of Crown Property), 1998-1999, 3 volumes.
Collection of appeals, in summary, filed against the Office of Crown Property by farmers, merchants, fishermen, local officials, and proxies of the landlords between 1895 and 1907, arranged by the cases.
Gwandong sipkyeong 關東十境 (Ten Scenic Places in Gangwondo), 1999, 1 volume.
Collection of ten paintings of the ten scenic places in the east coastal areas accompanied by sixty-six poems, compiled under the direction of ex-governor of Gangwongdo, Kim Sang-seong in 1746-1748.
Oe-gyujanggak doseo mueosi munje-inga 외규장각 도서 무엇이 문제인가 (What are the problems of the collections of the Kyujanggak Annex?), 1999, 1 volume.
Collection of the history of the French taking of the books from the Kyujanggak annex in Ganghwado island and modern studies regarding the return of them to Korea.
Kyujanggak myeongpum dorok (奎章閣名品圖錄 Selected items from the Kyujanggak Collections) 2000, 1 volume.
A book introducing over 180 selected items, including National Treasures and Treasures, in the collection of the Kyujanggak Archives. The book lists items belonging to various different genres such as uigwe, maps and paintings.
Hwadong seobeop (華東書法 Calligraphy of China and Joseon) 2001, 1 volume.
A book in woodblock print, collecting the work of six calligraphers, including Mi Fu (米?), Cai Xiang (蔡襄), and Dong Ji Chang (董其昌) of China, and Han Ho (韓濩), Yun Sun (尹淳), and Yi Gwang-sa (李匡師) of Joseon.
Dongguk Yeodo (東國輿圖 Map of Korea) 2001, 1 volume.
A collection of colored maps including that of Seoul and the surrounding areas in the early 19th century.

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