Seoul Journal of Korean Studies  
Vol. 17 Seoul Journal of Korean Studies

Articles The Worldview of the Goguryeo People as Presented in Fifth-century Stone Monument Inscriptions  NOH, TAE-DON The Introduction of Western Science and the Rationalization of Traditional Astrology : Reevaluating Yi Ik's "On Field-allocation"  LIM, JONHTAE Asami Keisai and Hong Daeyong : Dismantling the Chinese Theory of the "Civilized" and "Uncivilized"  PARK, HEE-BYUNG The "Grand Rite" of the Taehan Empire  CHUNG, HYUNG-MIN Making Korea Distinct : George M.McCune and His Korean Studies  AN, JONG-CHOL Korean Church History : A Religio-comparative Perspective  KIM, CHONGSUH On the Realization of Arguments in Dependent Verb Constructions of Korean  YI, SEON-UNG Book Notes Literature / Linguistics / History / Religious Studies / Art History / History of Science

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