Korean Culture Research Series

Title Author Year of Publication   Title Author Year of Publication A Comprehensive Study of Historical Korean Grammar Yong-Kun Ko 2001   The Independence Movement of the Dongnip hyeophoe (Independence Society) Yong-Ha Shin 1974 Development of the Toegye School and Li-Philosophy Jang-Tae Keum 2000   The Thought of Jeong Dojeon Young-Woo Han 1973 Formalities and Etiquette of Early Joseon Doo-Hwan Ji 1994   Characteristics of the Literary History of Sin Soseol Dong-il Cho 1973 History of the Euibyeong (Righteous Army) of the Honam Region in the Late Joseon Dynasty Soonkwon Hong 1994   The Phonological History of Korean Ki-Moon Lee 1972 History of Korean Ships, Vol. 2 Zae Geun Kim 1994   Societal Thought of the Dongnip hyeophoe (Independence Society) Yong-Ha Shin 1973 The Laws of Bugokje in the Goryeo Dynasty Jong-Ki Park 1990   Sound Patterns of Middle Korean Wan-Jin Kim 1973 History of Literary Thought in the Later Joseon Dynasty Ok-Ja Jung 1990   Handicraft Manufacturing of the Later Joseon Dynasty Chansik Song 1973 Research of the National Literary Movement Immediately Following Liberation Young-Min Kwon 1986   The Ruling Class of the Late Joseon Dynasty Youngmo Kim 1972 History of Korean Ships  Zae Geun Kim 1984   Traditional Legal Systems and Legal Awareness Byoung-Ho Park 1972 The Societal Thought of Bak Eunsik Yong-Ha Shin 1982   Research on the Causes of the Donghagnan Woogeun Han 1971 The History of Historical Studies in the Earlier Joseon Dynasty Young-Woo Han 1981   Research on the Hunmongjahoe Ki-Moon Lee 1971 Research on Methods of Interpreting Hyangga  Wan-Jin Kim 1980   The Political Awareness of Koreans Chang-Kyu Choi 1971 Research on Seongho I-ik Woogeun Han 1980   Comparison of Eastern and Western Views on Substance Wook Song 1970 Korean Taoist Thought Joohwan Cha 1976   The Change of Industrial Organization in the Age of the Opening of Ports Woogeun Han 1970 Military Ships of the Joseon Dynasty  Zae Geun Kim 1976   Development of Agricultural Science in the Late Joseon Dynasty Yongsup Kim 1970 Research on the Eongwan and Eonnon of the Early Joseon Dynasty Sung-Hi Choi 1976   Research on Korean in the Modernization Age Ki-Moon Lee 1970