Korean Studies Cooperative Research Series

Title Author Year of Publication   Title Author Year of Publication Traditional Literature and Modern Performing Arts I, II, III Daeseok Seo et al. 2006   The Translated and Annotated Jeungsu muwonnok eonhae Cheol-Eui Song 2004 Language and Culture of Early Modern Korea Lee Pyonggeun et al. 2005   Modern Korean Society and Culture Pyonggeun Lee 2003 Modern Korean Society and Culture, Vol. 2 TaeEok Kwon 2005   Illegalities of the Japanese Annexation of Korea Tae-Jin Yi 2003 The Translated and Annotated Oryun haengsildo Cheol-Eui Song et al. 2001   The History and Culture of the Korean Peninsula and Manchu Pyonggeun Lee et al. 2003