Korean Studies Research Series

Title Author Year of Publication   Title Author Year of Publication The History of Provincial Literature - Directions and Tasks for Research Dong-Il Cho 2003   Multinational Corporations and the Jaebeol (Zaibatsu) System Seung-Hoon Lee 2005 Resources of the Formation Process of Modern Korean Science Yung Sik Kim, Manyong Moon 2004   The Red Devils and the World Cup Soon Hyung Lee 2005 The Crying of Mokseok (Wood And Rock) - Psychoanalysis of the Works of Son Chang-Seop Doo-Young Cho 2004   Preliminary Studies for the Preservation of the Joseon Wangjo Sillok (I) Ki Joong Song et al. 2005 Agriculture of a Unified Korea - A Plan for Integrated Production of North and South Korean Produce after Unification WanBae Kim 2004   Social Welfare of Contemporary Korea Sang-Hoon Ahn 2005 Philosophical Problems of Contemporary Korean Society - The Principles of Societal Operation Chong-Hyon Paek 2004   National Dynamics and Late Industrialization Yong-Chool Ha 2006 Tasks of Korean Confucianism Jang-Tae Keum 2004   History of Land Organization in Medieval Korea Kyung-Shik Lee 2006 History of Land Organization in Ancient  and Early Medieval Korea Kyung-Shik Lee 2005   Standardization of South and North Korean Grammar Jaeil Gwon 2006 A study of the Mugwachongyo (Selected Anthology of Martial Practice) Young-Il Na 2005   Study of 50 Volume Avatamska Sutra Seungjae Lee 2006 Changes in Land Use of Major Industrial Regions and Special Administrative Regions of North Korea Manik Hwang 2005