Korean Studies Monograph Series

Title Author Year of Publication   Title Author Year of Publication A View of Goguryo through the Yebindo (Drawings of Guests at Ceremonies)Why Feathered Caps were worn in the Yebindo of the Tomb of Dangihyeon Tae-Don Noh 2003   The Introduction and Development of Marxist Economics Soohaeng Kim 2004 Contemporary Korean Confucianism and its Tradition Jang-Tae Keum 2003   Individual Characteristics and Socio-Environmental Causes of Long-lived Koreans - A Focus on the Longevity Belt of the Honam Region Park Sang Chul 2005 Psychology of the Evolution of Murder-Spouse and Family Murders in the Late Joseon Dynasty Jae Chun Choe 2003   Ecological Meaning of Elements of Landscapes in Traditional Villages Dowon Lee 2004 The Cultural Meaning of Muhyeop (Martial Arts) Novels Hyungjun Jeon 2003   The Middle-Class of Korea Doo-Seung Hong 2005 Military Arts in the Reign of Jeongjo of the Joseon Dynasty Young-Il Na 2003   The Promotion of Health among Korean Women Soonyung Yun 2005 Byeorak Axes and Stones Axes - A Study on the Traditional Understanding of Archeological Data Seonbok Yi 2003   The Mind(心) Nature(性) - Dasan's Interpretation of Mencius Jang-Tae Keum 2005 Ecological Wisdom in Old Korean Landscapes Dowon Lee 2003   Korean Grammar in the Early 20th Century Jae-Il Kwon 2005 Colonial Power and Statistics - The Statistical Systems and Censuses of the Office of the Joseon Viceroy MyoungKyu Park 2003   Elderly Labor in Korea: Long-term Changes in Economic Activity and Income Chul-Hee Lee 2006 Natural Dyes of Korea - Traditional Dyes and Natural Dying Techniques Jaepil Kim, Jung Jin Lee 2003   Wiping Tears with Laughter Dae-Haeng Kim 2005 Medical Education in North Korea Jae Hyung Park 2003   Leftist Economists of Korea Soohaeng Kim 2005 Repatriates of the Russian Island Sakhalin Soon Hyung Lee 2004   Ondols of Ancient Korea Ki-Ho Song 2006 Development of Reclaimed Land in the Joseon Dynasty: The Problems of Land Expansion and Use Young-Han Park, Sand-Hak Oh 2004   Writing Korean Culture Yun-Young Choi 2006 3 Compartments x 3 Compartments (Korean Architecture from the Perspective of Classification) Bonghee Jeon 2006   Writing Korean Culture Yun-Young Choi 2006 Research on the Coastal Wetlands of North Korea Utilizing Satellite Imagery - The Example of Pyeongan-namdo Keun-Bae Yoo 2003   Science and Technology in the Thought of Jeong Yak-yong Yung Sik Kim 2006 Witticisms in Korean Oral Literature Daeseok Seo 2004   Studies of Korean Religions by Westerners Chongsuh Kim 2006 The Methods of Realizing Euihyangbeopin Oral Korean Jae-Il Kwon 2004   Dufu's Poems Shown in Korean Poems and Paintings Youngju Lee 2006 The Meaning of Reds in the Clothing of the Joseon Dynasty Yun Ja Nam 2005   Inequality of Income and Poverty in Korea Inhoe Gu 2006 A Summary of the Fauna of Korean Human Parasites and Arthropods in Medical Use Jong-Yil Chai 2005   Characteristics of Psychological and Behavioral Symptoms of Korean Dementia Patients Maengje CHo, Jinyoung Kim 2006 The Effects of the Open-Economy Policy on the Labor Market of Korea Dae Il Kim 2004   Organization and Efficiency of Korean Social Welfare Network Jungi Kim 2006 The Oedipus Complex in Classic Korean Stories In Kyoon Lyoo 2004   Ethics and Authority Shown in the International Thoughts of Modern Korea Inseong Chang 2006 Recent Changes in the Free-capital and Free-finacial Transformation of Korea - The Evaluation and Responses for the Situation after Membership in OECD and the IMF Crisis Chun Pyo Lee 2004   Medical Structure of Korea Hokeun Song 2006 The Differing Characteristics of the North and South Korean Economies Jisoon Lee 2004