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Seoul Journal of Korean Studies

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Published twice a year under the auspices of the Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies at Seoul National University, the Seoul Journal of Korean Studies (SJKS) publishes original, state of the field research on Korea's past and present.  A peer-refereed journal, the Seoul Journal of Korean Studies is distributed to institutions and scholars both internationally and domestically. Work published by SJKS comprise in-depth research on established topics as well as new areas of concern, including transnational studies, that reconfigure scholarship devoted to Korean culture, history, literature, religion, and the arts. 

Unique features of this journal include the explicit aim of providing an English language forum to shape the field of Korean studies both in and outside of Korea.  In addition to articles that represent state of the field research, the Seoul Journal of Korean Studies publishes an extensive "Book Notes" section that places particular emphasis on introducing the very best in Korean language scholarship to scholars around the world. 

The Seoul Journal of Korean Studies was first published in 1988 and was published on an annual basis until the 19th volume in 2006, when it converted to a semiannual schedule.


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Call for Papers

The Seoul Journal of Korean Studies is currently seeking article submissions for Volume 21, to be published in December 2007. Articles from all disciplines are encouraged, as long as that the primary focus of the subject matter is directly related to Korea. All submissions will be evaluated through a double-blind peer review and those authors selected for publication will receive a contributor's fee. The deadline is Nov. 5, 2007. In addition, we would like to announce the publication of Volume 20, the second of our newly revamped SJKS. Anyone who is interested in receiving a complimentary copy can email us directly at with your mailing address. Those who have already been receiving the Seoul Journal, will have copies sent to them directly as before.

Vol. 20 Seoul Journal of Korean Studies

Articles  A Re-Examination of the Social Basis of Buddhism in Late Joseon KoreaBoudewijn Walraven A Korean Buddhist Response of Modernity: The Doctrinal Underpinning of Han Yongun's (1879-1944) Reformist ThoughtPori Park The Sleeping Dragon in Korea: On the Transmission of the Images of Zhuge LiangAndreas Mueller-Lee Roya Compassion and Disaster Relief in Joseon KoreaAnders Karlsson Booknotes

Vol. 19 Seoul Journal of Korean Studies

Editor’s WelcomeEun-su ChoGuest Editor’s IntroductionHenry EmArticlesManaging the “Foreign” and “Domestic”: Kilsoo Haan, Korean Diasporic Nationalism and the U.S. Liberal State, 1931-1945  Richard KimYi Hun-gu’s Agricultural Reform Theory and Nationalist Economic Thought  Pang Kie-chungPerformative Ethnicities: Culture and Class in 1930s Colonial Korea  Jin-kyung LeeThe Literary Works of Kim Nam-ch’o˘n: “Overcoming the Modern,” Waste, and Venice  Kim ChulYi Kwang-su and the Endorsement of State Power  Park Chan-seungBook Notes

Vol.18 Seoul Journal of Korean Studies

Articles The Annexation of Korea Failed to Come into Being: Forced Treaties and Japan's Annexation of the Great Han Empire Yi, Tae-Jin Korea and Japan should not Fall in the Pitfall of the Old Treaties:An Answer to the Treatise by Prof. Yi Tae-Jin Sakamoto Shigeki Only the Treaties for Invasion of Korea were Anomalous: A Reply to Professor Sakamoto's Answer Yi, Tae-Jin Heading for a Legal Dialogue Between Korea and Japan:A Viewpoint on the Issue of Duress in the Japanese-Korean Convention Sasagawa Norikatsu Professor Yi's Article "The Annexation of Korea Failed to Come into Being" Reexamined Unno Fukuju How can State Sovereignty be Surrendered with a Summary Treaty? In Reply to Prof. Unno Fukuju's Criticisms Yi, Tae-Jin "Looking at Legitimacy and Illegitimacy from a Historical Perspective," Sekai 681 (November 2000) Arai Shinichi BooknotesLiterature/ Art History/ History/ History of Science

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